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Welcome to Eggoshi, guest!

Eggoshi is an online income simulation game with the ability to withdraw real money.

Your task is to manage your farm, buy hens, collect eggs and sell them for real money.

After registration, you will receive a free hen that will periodically generate eggs.

The more hens you have, the higher your earnings will be.

We also have a lot of more ways to earn extra money.

Payments are made weekly via Payeer and FaucetPay (BTC).

Minimum withdraw amount is only $0.10.

Scroll below to read the main features!

Our features:

Signup bonus

Receive a free hen upon registration to help you build your farm empire.

Register to receive your bonus
Referral system

Earn passive income from your referral's activity such as eggs sale/collect, farm level up and much more.

Your farm, your world

Grow, customize, plant seeds, harvest plants, upgrade your farm as you wish, buy hens to collect eggs and more. You have full control over your farm.


Strong account encryption and a 256 Bit SSL encryption will make your data and funds safe.


Weekly payments via Payeer and FaucetPay (BTC). Minimum withdraw amount is $0.10.

Complex economy system

Our features are made to be stable and profitable for users and us.
No 100$ per sold egg or get rich quickly bullshit.
Eggoshi's economy is balanced and fair as it should be.